Friday, September 21, 2007

Hardcore! Hardcore!

Why do I have Cartman's voice going through my head? It just occurred to me that I'm exactly the kind of golf fan all the golfy media are making fun of as the PGA heads into its Fall Series, the LPGA runs its last two full-field events, and pros everywhere are struggling to earn their exemptions for the 2008 season, either by money list or by Q-School. Mulligan Stu, clearly smarting from his runner-up finish in the first-ever Mostly Harmless Solheim Cup Blogger of the Year Award (or whatever I called it), is vying for Best-Ever LPGA Q-School Blogger.

Me, I'll stick to LPGA blogging--next week at the inaugural Navistar LPGA Classic, Ai-chan makes her no doubt soon-to-be-triumphant return to tournament golf (along with 14 other Super Sophs, Moira, half the U.S. Solheim Cup team and a few of the Europeans, and Lorena)! Until then, go Shigeki, go!

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spyder said...

Now all you need is for Amanda to wade in with some sort of LPGA snobbery thesis statement, and then you would need to create all new sets of awards.

Fall golf, as it enters the season of silly (all those skins games and tri-series competitions) events just to keep the TV advertisers happy with opportunities to sell more clubs and balls (such a manly thing), is made for the elite of golf fans. Who else would care with NFL, MLB, and FIFA all happening right now???