Monday, September 3, 2007

Now, That's a Jinx

From the State Farm Classic final interview page: "Japan's Ai Miyazato withdrew during Sunday's final round, and a reason was not cited." Mi Hyun Kim just missed the top 10. Moira Dunn did make the top 30 and about $11.1K, putting her over the $100K mark on the season, but that's probably not enough to guarantee she'll get her card for 2008. Oh, and Christina Kim's late charge was not enough to beat Sherri Steinhauer, who matched her miracle putt for miracle putt. Reads like a fantastic finish, maybe the best of the season--too bad I missed it.

On the bright side, onechan recovered quickly from her stomach woes and her first flower girl experience was a blast! So far the Mostly Harmless jinx seems limited to golf.

[Update 1 (am): When you have Hound Dog giving you the final-round key play-by-play better than any of the lazy AP golf writers who get assigned to LPGA events, it's pretty clear the jinx doesn't extend to blogging, either.]

[Update 2 (pm): What can I say? At least Phil beat Tiger on a Monday? Why does the PGA's best finish of the year have to happen the same week as the LPGA's, though?]

[Update 3 (pm): Mulligan Stu reports at Waggle Room on the reason for Ai-chan's WD--now he's got me wondering if it's possible for her to have caught a stomach bug from us over the computer....]


hound dog said...

It's easy (and fun) to write play-by-plays of a final round like that!

Moira should be 78th when the updated money list get posted. With only three events to go, I think she's in great shape to make Top 90. If she makes a cut or two, she's a lock.

The Constructivist said...

Yeah, but that was the first cut she made in weeks, so I'm not convinced she's out of the woods, slump-wise, yet. I'd like to see her go on a Christina Kim-like tear the rest of the season, that's for sure!