Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Never Underestimate the Power of a Bad Haircut

So onechan has had the same fever as imoto had a little while ago (minus the diarrhea and vomiting, thankfully), and even though it left her little sister on the third day last week, I chalk up the fact that it left onechan on the exact same schedule to the bad haircut I gave her in the middle of the night last night. What could I do? She was revved up from the medicine and was complaining that her hair was getting in her eyes--in fact, it was her idea that I cut her bangs. I cut them just the tiniest bit short. Yeah, yeah, did I mention it was the middle of the night? It was kind of like that episode of The Powerpuff Girls when Bubbles and Buttercup accidentally destroy Blossom's hair, without the multiple attempts to fix the original mistake. At least I had enough sense to know to stop. The Full Metal Archivist did what she could to salvage onechan's hair in the morning, but it's still pretty bad. Bad enough to scare away whatever was causing her fever.

I'm not going to show the haircut, not just because I want to preserve onechan's privacy, but mostly because if I leave a visual record of it anywhere she's likely in the future to be much less accepting of it than she has been today. In fact, she's been in a great mood, playing for hours at baking and planning a birthday party with the FMA's best friend visiting from the west coast. As a preemptive peace offering to onechan, then, I offer the following Ojamajo Doremi version of the ABC song. Don't watch it on an empty stomach!

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Bill Benzon said...

When I was a kid I had very curly hair, as I still do. My mother was more impressed with it than I was. The first time I was allowed to go to the barber by myself and get the kind of haircut I wanted, I took care of that. Got a buzz cut. But I didn't repeat it. Didn't particularly like the curls, but didn't really like the buzz either.

Now, if I could have dyed my blond hair black and gotten a Mohawk . . .