Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Q-School Wednesday: Follow the Live Scoring!

You can follow the action on the 1st day of Q-School at their live-scoring leaderboard. If you check it out early enough, you can see who's going off when. On the Legends course, Sun-Ju Ahn starts at 8:26 am, Anna Nordqvist at 8:37 am, Martina Eberl and Song Yi Choi at 9:10 am, Miki Saiki at 9:21 am, Michelle Wie and Alison Walshe at 9:32 am, and Melissa Reid at 9:54 am. On the Champions course, Stacy Lewis starts at 8:48 am, Mika Miyazato at 8:59 am, Shiho Oyama and Anna Rawson at 9:21 am, and Amy Yang at 9:32 am. Or you can just check out the pairings.

[Update 1 (1:27 pm): I see Miyazato is off to a good start. For background on her and other young Japanese stars, check out this post of mine from June.]

[Update 2 (1:34 pm): Just noticed via Geoff Shackelford that Ron Sirak is covering Q-School live for GolfWorld.]

[Update 3 (5:30 pm): Here's a quick update on how my top 20 picks fared today (C means they played the Champions course, L means the Legends), with snap reactions:

1. Shiho Oyama 64 (C) yay!!!
2. Sun-Ju Ahn 78 (L) wtf?!
3. Miki Saiki 74 (L) huh?
4. Anna Nordqvist 74 (L) huh?
5. Amy Yang 67 (C) yay!!
6. Michelle Wie 69 (L) phew!
7. Stacy Lewis 69 (C) yay!
8. Melissa Reid 79 (L) wtf?!
9. Alison Walshe 79 (L) wtf?!
10. Mika Miyazato 66 (C) yay!!
11. Martina Eberl 80 (L) wtf??!
12. Dewi Claire Schreefel 74 (L) huh?
13. Charlotte Mayorkas 75 (L) huh?!
14. Anna Rawson 71 (C) not bad
15. Tania Elosegui 79 (L) wtf?!
16. Onnarin Sattayabanphot 70 (C) good start
17. Song Yi Choi 77 (L) wtf?!
18. Hannah Jun 74 (C) huh?
19. Carolina Llano 70 (L) good start
20. Pornanong Phatlum 75 (L) huh?!

With 8 players breaking 70, 32 going under par, 51 shooting par or better, and 70 players coming in at +1 or better, my guess is that the Saturday cut to the top 70 and ties will be somewhere between E and +6 and that you're going to have to be somewhere between -5 and -10 over the 90 holes to make the top 20. More later!]

[Update 4 (5:45 pm): Hope the LPGA branches out from its Wie Watch and Lewis Watch pages--maybe by profiling selected players in the top 5 after each day. Thanks to Ryan Ballengee for calling this to our attention.]

[Update 5 (12/4/08, 9:12 am): Here are Hound Dog's and Average Golfer's 1st-round recaps.]

[Update 6 (9:35 am): Here's the notes and interviews page. Baldry, Adelson (twice), and Hewitt, and Golf Channel feed the Wie Watch machine, while Coffin mans the Lewis Watch. Dixon has a nice piece on Melissa Reid and Wie.]

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