Sunday, February 15, 2009

So That's Why Michelle Wie Is Taking Japanese at Stanford

Momoko Ueda's blog is now available in English, so of course Michelle Wie is in Japanese commercials, hanging with a famous actress/singer, and speaking like a native:

Maybe she should have been trying this yesterday from the 13th hole on!

[Update 1 (11:14 am): The Full Metal Archivist says this is her favorite energy drink. She's not such a fan of Jackie Chan, but this commercial gave her a chuckle:

She's actually a little mad at Michelle for taking Daisuke Takahashi's place:

But Michelle's in pretty good company, internationally speaking, eh?]

[Update 2 (2/16/09, 2:39 pm): Appreciate the hat tip from Golf Babes. Would appreciate one from]

[Update 3 (9:35 pm): Hey, Golf Spelled Backwards is jumping on the bandwagon. A little attribution, please?]

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