Friday, August 10, 2012

Congrats to Team USA on Olympic Gold in Women's Soccer

I was working on campus yesterday but was able to leave early, so I got home just in time to see Team USA go up 2-0 on Nadeshiko Japan in the women's soccer gold metal game.  At that point, the Full Metal Archivist was so frustrated with the referees and the announcers that we turned off the volume to watch the last 35 minutes of so.  I blame myself for turning it back on right after Ogimi's goal brought Nadeshiko within 1 goal of the Americans.  Not even onechan, imoto, the FMA, and I each eating a cherry tomato from our garden could overcome that mistake. 

Seriously, what a great game!  The level of play was so high--the closest team event in the London Olympics that I've seen to rival it was the US-China semifinal match in beach volleyball--it was just a shame that one team had to lose.  In the end, we felt bad for Nadeshiko but happy for Rochester native Abby Wambach and all her teammates (at least onechan, imoto, and I did!).  It wasn't the result we wanted, but it was a great experience watching it.  Imoto was so nervous at times that she had to leave the room, while whenever Nadeshiko had a chance for a late goal (and they had so many!) the FMA, onechan, and imoto were jumping around the room yelling at the tv.

For more on the game itself, check out bangkokbobby's excellent post!  I think we'll be seeing much more of this rivalry in years to come!

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