Friday, July 26, 2013

Fantasy Island Family Friday or Symetra Tour in Syracuse?

So we finally had a day with no gymnastics or skating or swimming lessons, no art class or music lesson, no playdates or festivals or movie nights.  What to do?  In one ring was the Constructivist, lobbying for a trip to Syracuse to catch Tiffany Joh, Hannah Yun, and Mitsuki Katahira and the rest of the Symetra Tour in round 1 at the Credit Union Classic.  In the other ring was the Full Metal Archivist, onechan, imoto, and tomodachi-chan, demanding we go to a Fantasy Island Family Friday on Grand Island.  I don't need to tell you who won that bout--it was a quick knockout, not least because tomodachi-chan will be back in Chiba next Friday and her favorite part of last year's visit was our visit to the oxymoronically-named Marine Land.  

Of course we had a great time--I even got to ride alone with the FMA on 2 rides!--and we even had trouble dragging the kids away before the place closed down for the night.  And it turns out it's just as well we missed today's round:  Katahira shot the low score of our faves, a 74, while T-Joh opened with a 76 and Yun ballooned to an 85 that included a 10 on the tricky par-4 14th.  To add insult to injury, 35 golfers shot par or better and 13 broke 70.  (Last week's winner P.K. Kongkraphan led the way with a 66 that included an eagle on the par-5 13th.; Birdie Kim was part of a big group at -1 70.)  So it looks like my family made the right call today.  And if I had qualified for the NYSGA's Men's Amateur and somehow made the cut, I probably would have missed out on the fun!

Plus there's another silver lining.  Given that at least one of our faves won't be playing Sunday, maybe I have a stronger case for a Saturday trip to Syracuse!  (Besides alliteration, that is.)  The girls might not wake up in time to see much of Joh's or Yun's morning rounds, but Katahira doesn't tee off till 1:40 pm (and she plays with Jean Reynolds and Mallory Blackwelder, who also opened with 74s).  We'll see if the girls would rather play golf or drive 3 hours each way to watch golf....

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