Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kids in Jersey City Say "Hi!"


IMGP3639 – talk






The Constructivist said...

Hey kids! And welcome back, Uncle Bill!

Bill Benzon said...

Just checking in. How're the girls? And the gig?

The Constructivist said...

The ladies are doing great, now 10 and 8 and in Japan for the summer (coming back in just over a week--yay!). I'm teaching a fantasy fiction course and a fairy tales course this coming semester and next semester a major authors course on Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman!

Bill Benzon said...

8 & 10? Wow!

The teaching program sounds wonderful. Who'd have thought, 40 years ago, or whenever. Are you still knee deep in administration & service work?

The Constructivist said...

Not administration, but a lot of service in both union and governance capacities. Trying to finish some articles and see if they might hang together as a book on topics coming out of that work. Can't believe the fall semester starts in a week!