Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Picks for the Evian Championship (and Players to Watch at the Konica Minolta Cup)

So the Evian Championship is about to begin and it's high time I got my picks in for this week's PakPicker competition over at Seoul and mylpga.

1. Park Inbee
2. Ryu
3. Pettersen
4. Lewis, Stacy
5. Munoz
6. Choi Na Yeon
7. Nordqvist
8. Ko
9. Kerr
10. Kim Hyo Joo
11. Feng
12. Miyazato Ai

Alts: Kim In-Kyung; Yang, Amy; Stanford

No time for explanations!  But also keep an eye on the showdown between Bo-Mee Lee, Sun-Ju Ahn, Misuzu Narita, and Ji-Yai Shin over in the JLPGA's 2nd major of 2014, the Konica Minolta Cup, also taking place this week!  In fact, play there has already started!

[Update 1 (8:08 pm):  My bad--Sun-Ju Ahn is not playing in the Konica Minolta Cup!]

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