Friday, October 16, 2009

Recommended Reading: Ryan Ballengee and Stephanie Wei Go Behind the Scenes

Hey kids! Curious about who the next LPGA commissioner will be? Want to know more about the state of the LPGA in this economy? Well, check out what Ryan Ballengee and Stephanie Wei have been up to! Who said bloggers can't break news?

[Update 1 (11:28 am): And if men's golf happens to be your thing, Patricia Hannigan gives great background to the Padraig Harrington-Thomas Bjorn debate over the future of the European Tour.]

[Update 2 (11:32 am): And Brent Kelley has PGA business news for ya!]

[Update 3 (10/19/09, 3:39 am): Hmm, turns out the same day I posted this, Randall Mell broke the news that there's another contender for the LPGA commish position. Score one for the mainstream golfy media--but note that the Shag Bag blog was the place this story was broken!]

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