Thursday, October 1, 2009

HIMEKA Watch: YouTube Edition

If you aren't yet a fan of French Canadian anime songstress HIMEKA (Catherine St-Onge), you will be after checking out the following clips from youtube!

Here's her victory performance at the Animax Anison Grand Prix contest, with English subtitles of the judges' reactions and the award presentation:

Here's how she got there in the 1st and 2nd rounds:

The Full Metal Archivist was blown away by her singing, her gestures, even her breathing techniques, but how did authentic Japanese otaku react to her performance?

No subtitles necessary, eh?

Here's her song for the opening of Valkryia Chronicles:

Bonus points for true otaku wannabees--check out the differences in her style of singing the same song in this promotional video:

Now HIMEKA's getting the full-on Jero treatment, from TBS:

From a morning news program:

We think this was the same show Jero appeared on last year:

Let's check out with her debut single, a cover of "Sayonara Solitaire":

What a voice!


Anonymous said...

Really ? She gets awards for singing cartoon theme songs ? Pretty sweet gig there.

The Constructivist said...

Winning the competition enables her to get professional gigs. But you can get end-of-year musical industry awards working in that genre, too. Anime's pretty big in Japan!