Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fredonia's Got Talent!

Apologies to my regular readers for taking this mini-sabbatical from Mostly Harmless!  Probably the main reason I've been too busy to blog has been all the extra time I've been putting into meeting with my students this past month to consult with them on their critical essays and final research projects.  Although most of them chose not to do web authoring projects, a good number did; here are links to their work:
Please check 'em out while you're waiting for me to finish grading!

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

LPGA Q-School Results

As most of you already know, the LPGA is holding its final phase of Q-School this week.

With the Constructivist up to his neck in snow and work, I would like to reprint this from Tony's LPGA Report.

Update - Monday 12/8/14

Karlin Beck made a 75 foot chip shot on the 5th playoff hole of the day and the 11th in total, dating back to Sunday night, to earn the final Category 12 LPGA Card. Casey Grice was eliminated on the 10th playoff hole, and Stephanie Meadow was eliminated by Beck's chip shot on the 11th playoff hole.

Both Meadow and Grice have earned Category 17 LPGA Cards. Grice was the first round leader. Meadow, who finished third in the 2014 U.S. Open, figures to get a number of sponsor exemptions. She will have ample opportunities to improve her status during the LPGA reshuffles. 

Update - Sunday 12/7/14

Believe it or not, they have finished 5 rounds and 90 holes and it is still not over!
When 90 holes were completed there were 7 players tied for the 18th spot. Only 3 players of those 7 can get a fully exempt category 12 playing card, so they went to a 3 hole playoff. After that playoff only one player was eliminated, so on and on they went. After a few more playoff holes 2 more players got in, leaving 3 players fighting for one spot. Of course it got dark. They will continue tomorrow morning.

Here is the list of the 19 players that have earned full time playing privileges in 2015:
1- Allison Lee -10
1- Mingee Lee -10
3- Ariya Jutanugarn - 9
3- Maria Hernandez - 9
5- Ryann O'Toole -8
6- Simin Feng - 7
6- Ha Na Jang -7 (Incredibly, she shot an 80 today and still got in)
9- Kelly Shon - 6
9- Nanette Hill -6
11- Cheyenne Woods - -5
11- Therese Koelbaek -5
11- Perrine Delacour -5
11- So Be Kim -5
11- Sakura Yokomine -5
11- Sofia Poppv -5
11- Ju Young Park -5
18- Laetitea -4 (Got in via playoff)
18- Garrett Philips -4 (got in via playoff)

Here are the 3 players that will be fighting it out for the last spot tomorrow:
18- Karlin Beck -4
18- Stephanie Meadow -4
18- Casey Grice -4

Here are the players that have earned a category 17 LPGA card. They will have limited opportunities to get into playing fields next year. The players at the top of this list should get a few opportunities to get into the playing fields and will have to make the most of them to get reshuffled into a better position (like Kim Kaufman did in 2014). The players at the end of this list will have little or no opportunities to play this year on the LPGA Tour, and will probably be playing mostly Symetra Tour events.

21- Loser of the above playoff
22- Loser of the above playoff
23- Julie Yang (a) - Lost playoff
24- Jacqui Concolino - Lost playoff
25- Nontaya Srisawang -3
25- Daniella Iacobelli -3
25- Louise Stahle -3
28- ***Charlie Hull -2
28- Natalie Sheary -2
28- Jeong Eun Lee -2
28- Rebecca Lee Bentham -2
28- Jean Reynolds -2
28- Lindy Duncan -2
34- Jing Yan (a) -1
35- Paolo Morena -Even
35- Victoria Elizabeth -Even
35- Celine Herbin -Even
35- Emma de Groot -Even
35- Jennifer Gleason -Even
35- Sophie Giquel -Even
35- Elizabeth Nagel -Even
35- Caroline Westrup -Even
43- Katy Harris +1
43- Marta Sanz Barrio +1
43- Julia Molinaro +1

*** Charley Hull is the exception to my above explanation of category 17 playing opportunities.
Because of her "bigger than life" persona, and her status on the Ladies European Tour, Charley will get into quite a few tournaments this year. In addition to the normal amount of events she would get into because of her placement, expect her to get 6 more sponsor exemptions. In addition she has already qualified for several events based on her 2014 play.
 With all these opportunities, expect her to reshuffle into full time status very quickly.

Other notables that failed to earn there cards today, in addition to the players I listed yesterday.

52- Veronica Felibert +3
52- Kathleen Ekey +3
58- Emily Talley +4
64- Maude-Aimee Leblanc +5
64- Birdie Kim +5

Update - Saturday 12/6/14 (Completion of round 4 of 5)

Ha Na Jang shot a 68 today to take a 3 stroke lead after the fourth round. She finished at 15 under par. Maria Hernandez is in second place at -12.

Other Notable scores:
Mingee Lee -11 (3rd place)
Alison Lee, Ju Young Park -10 (4th place)
Sei Young Kim, Sakura Yokomine - (9th place)
Stephanie Meadow - 7 (14th place)
Ryann O'Toole -6 (17th)
Jean Reynolds -4 (25th)
Cheyenne Woods, Rebecca Lee Bentham -3 (32nd place)
Emily Talley -2 (38th place)
Kathleen Ekey -1 (44th place)
Victoria Elizabeth -Even (54th place)
Veronica Felibert +1 (58th place)
Charley Hull, Maude-Aimee Leblanc +2 (68th place)

The following players were among the bigger named players that missed the 72 hole cut and will not be receiving a 2015 LPGA playing card.

Lori Kane +8
Sylvia Cavalleri +9
Valentine Derrey, Vicky Hurst +10
Chie Arimura +13
Madison Pressel, CindyLaCrosse +15

Update - Friday 12/5/14 (Completion of round 3 of 5)

Ha Na Jang shot a 66 today to take a 3 stroke lead after the third round. She finished at 11 under par. Ju Young Park and Alison Lee finished at -8 and on tied for 2nd place.

Other Notable scores:
Sei Young Kim, Sakura Yokomine, Stephanie Meadow -6 (7th place)
Mingee LeeRyann O'Toole -5 (11th place)
Emily Talley -4 (19th place)
Ariya Jutanugarn -3 (24th place)
Cheyenne Woods -2 (31st place)
Rebecca Lee Bentham -1 (34th place)
Charley Hull, Kathleen Ekey Even Par (40th place)
Valantine Derrey, Jean Reynolds +1 (48th place)
Veronica Felibert +2 (60th place)
Birdie Kim, Victoria Elizabeth +3 (72nd place)
Maude-Aimee Leblanc +4 (78th place)
Sylvia Cavalieri, Jennifer Kirby +5 (92nd place)
Cindy LaCrosse +6 (102nd place)
Vicky Hurst +8 (119th place)
Lori Kane, Madison Pressel +11 (134th place)
Chie Arimura +12 (138th place)

Thursday 12/4/14 (Completion of round 2 of 5)

Ju Young Park, sister of LPGA veteran Hee Young Park is now tied for the lead at -9.
Also at that number is first round leader Casey Grice.
The trio of Samantha Richdale, Sophia Popov, and Elizabeth Nagel are 2 strokes back at -7.

Other Notable scores:
Ryann O"Toole, Stephanie Meadow -6 (6th place)
Ha Na Jang -5 (8th place)
Sei Young Kim -4 (9th place)
Alison Lee (a), Kathleen Ekey -3 (13th place)
Emily Talley, Ariya Jutanugarn -2 (23rd place)
Mingee Lee -1 (30th place)
Sakura Yokomine, Charley Hull, Rebecca Lee Bentham - Even (39th place)
Veronica Felibert, Jean Reynolds +1 (48th place)
Valentine Derrey, Victoria Elizabeth +2 (65th place)
Cheyenne Woods, Sylvia Cavalleri +3 (80th place)
Madison Pressel, Maude-Aimee Leblanc, Birdie Kim, Jennifer Kirby +5 (103rd place)
Vicky Hurst +6 (116th place)
Chie Arimura, Lori Kane +10 (144th place)

The field of 154, will be cut to the top 70 and ties after the 4th round.