Thursday, September 29, 2011

LPGA Q-School Stage 2, Round 3: Late Thunderstorms Can't Put a Damper on Boland, Howard, Suwannapura

17-year-old Ginger Howard, 18-year-old Thidapa Suwannapura, and Texas A&M graduate student Julia Boland didn't let a late thunderstorm interrupt their moving day charges as they overtook and passed 2nd-round leader Stephanie Na, along with Junthima Gulyanamitta and the rest of the field at Stage 2 of LPGA Q-School, on the strength of a 68, a 66, and a 67, respectively, on the Panther course today.  It'll be interesting to see if they can hold off Stephanie Connelly, Hannah Yun, and Lizette Salas, who are only 3 shots off the co-leaders' pace.  But it'll be even more interesting to see if much more experienced and accomplished players like Danielle Kang and Kristie Smith can stay on the right side of the cut line tomorrow--and whether Carlota Ciganda and Brianna Do, among many other notables, can break into the top 70.

T1/-9 Thidapa Suwannapura (70B-71P-66P), Julia Boland (73B-67P-67P), Ginger Howard (69B-70P-68P)
T4/-8 Junthima Gulyanamitta (69B-68P-71P), Stephanie Na (70P-66B-72P)
T6/-6 Stephanie Connelly (69B-73P-68P), Hannah Yun (68P-71B-71P), Lizette Salas (69P-69B-72P)
9th/-5 Camilla Lennarth (72B-70P-69P)
T10/-4 Kristin Walla (74P-69B-69P), Alejandra Llaneza (68P-75B-69P), Shayna Miyajima (70B-71P-71P)

T13/-3 Susan Nam (73B-75P-65P), Jacqui Concolino (69P-74B-70P), Victoria Tanco (71B-71P-71P), Lili Alvarez (70B-71P-72P), Callie Nielson (69B-72P-72P)
T19/-2 Maude-Aimee LeBlanc (69P-75B-70P), Laura Kueny (71B-70P-73P), Karlin Beck (70B-71P-73P), Rebecca Lee-Bentham (70B-70P-74P)
T25/-1 Laura Bavaird (73P-72B-70P), Stephanie Kono (73B-71P-71P), Mitsuki Katahira (70B-74P-71P), Juliana Murcia Ortiz (73B-70P-72P), Patcharajutar Kongkraphan (69B-71P-75P)
T34/E Natalie Sheary (69P-76B-71P)
T43/+1 Cydney Clanton (75P-71B-71P), Izzy Beisiegel (73P-73B-71P), Blair O'Neal (71B-71P-75P)
T54/+2 Danielle Kang (73P-74B-71P), Briana Vega (73B-73P-72P), Kristie Smith (70B-73P-75P)
T67/+3 Anya Sarai Alvarez (73P-74B-72P)
T74/+4 Joanna Coe (72B-77P-71B), Brianna Do (75B-72P-73P), Sandra Changkija (73P-75B-74P)
T83/+5 Eileen Vargas (74P-72B-75P), Megan McChrystal (71B-74P-76P)
T92/+6 Esther Choe (74B-75P-73B), Kendall Dye (72B-76P-74P), Jenny Lee (71B-77P-74P)
T98/+7 Seema Sadekar (75B-75P-73B), Katie Kempter (74B-74P-75P), Elena Robles (74P-74B-75P), Carlota Ciganda (74B-72P-77P)
T121/+8 Jessica Yadloczky (76B-76P-72B), Lauren Doughtie (77P-71B-76P)
T132/+9 Joy Trotter (77B-74P-74B), Maiya Tanaka (76P-75B-74B)
T178/+13 Maria Laura Elvira (72P-77B-80B)
T203/+18 Ki-Shui Liao (83P-71B-80B)
T208/+20 Bo Bea Park (78B-81P-77B)
WD Junko Nakada (75P-72B-WD)

With the leaders finishing the tournament tomorrow on the Bobcat course and the rest of the field on the Panther course, I'll be curious to see who plays steady golf, who goes low, and who blows up.  But I'll be rooting for Hannah Yun to take medallist honors!

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