Thursday, September 29, 2011

LPGA Q-School Stage 2, Round 2: Stephanie Na Goes Low

Stephanie Na fired a 66 in the 2nd round of the 2nd stage of LPGA Q-School to take a 1-shot lead on Junthima Gulyanamitta, a 2-shot lead on Lizette Salas, and a 3-shot lead on Hannah Yun and Ginger Howard.  On the other end of the leaderboard, many good golfers find themselves outside the magic top 70, including Danielle Kang, Brianna Do, Junko Nakada, Maria Laura Elvira, Katie Kempter, Lauren Doughtie, Kendall Dye, Esther Choe, Anya Sarai Alvarez, Jessica Yadloczky, and Bo Bea Park.  Meanwhile, 1st-round co-leader and amateur Alejandra Llaneza struggled, but stayed inside the top 25.

Here's how all the leaders and notables stand halfway through the competition, which is being played on the Panther and Bobcat courses at Plantation Golf and Country Club:

1st/-8 Stephanie Na (70P-66B)
2nd/-7 Junthima Gulyanamitta (69B-68P)
3rd/-6 Lizette Salas (69P-69B)
T4/-5 Ginger Howard (69B-70P), Hannah Yun (68P-71B)
T6/-4 Julia Boland (73B-67P), Rebecca Lee-Bentham (70B-70P), Patcharajutar Kongkraphan (69B-71P)
T9/-3 Laura Kueny (71B-70P), Thidapa Suwannapura (70B-71P), Lili Alvarez (70B-71P), Shayna Miyajima (70B-71P), Karlin Beck (70B-71P), Callie Nielson (69B-72P)

T15/-2 Victoria Tanco (71B-71P), Blair O'Neal (71B-71P), Stephanie Connelly (69B-73P)
T22/-1 Juliana Murcia Ortiz (73B-70P), Kristie Smith (70B-73P), Jacqui Concolino (69P-74B), Alejandra Llaneza (68P-75B)
T34/E Stephanie Kono (73B-71P), Mitsuki Katahira (70B-74P), Maude-Aimee LeBlanc (69P-75B)
T41/+1 Laura Bavaird (73P-72B), Megan McChrystal (71B-74P), Natalie Sheary (69P-76B)
T60/+2 Cydney Clanton (75P-71B), Carlota Ciganda (74B-72P), Eileen Vargas (74P-72B), Briana Vega (73B-73P), Izzy Beisiegel (73P-73B)

T78/+3 Brianna Do (75B-72P), Junko Nakada (75P-72B), Danielle Kang (73P-74B), Anya Sarai Alvarez (73P-74B)
T93/+4 Lauren Doughtie (77P-71B), Katie Kempter (74B-74P), Elena Robles (74P-74B), Sandra Changkija (73P-75B), Kendall Dye (72B-76P), Jenny Lee (71B-77P)
T110/+5 Esther Choe (74B-75P), Maria Laura Elvira (72P-77B), Joanna Coe (72B-77P)
T133/+6 Seema Sadekar (75B-75P)
T145/+7 Joy Trotter (77B-74P), Maiya Tanaka (76P-75B)
T161/+8 Jessica Yadloczky (76B-76P)
T180/+10 Ki-Shui Liao (83P-71B)
T213/+15 Bo Bea Park (78B-81P)

The leaders can be found on the Panther course later today.  It's worth checking out's wrap stories from the 1st and 2nd rounds for more on the leaders!

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