Monday, July 28, 2014

Sadena Parks Wins on Symetra Tour

With her Sunday 62 and huge come-from-behind-victory in Albany, NY, Sadena Parks became the tour's 2nd African-American champion and moved up to 6th on the Symetra Tour's money list.  With 6 events remaining on the 2014 schedule, Parks is well behind 2-time winners Min Seo Kwak and Marissa Steen, as well as the consistent Yueer Cindy Feng (who uncharacteristically played as badly on Sunday as Parks played well), but she's put almost $9,000 between herself and #11 Brittany Altomare.  With Selanee Henderson currently at #48 on the money list, Cheyenne Woods at #51, and Ginger Howard at #72, it's looking more and more like they'll have to make it to the LPGA via Q-School.  So right now Parks has the best odds of becoming only the 5th-ever African-American LPGA member.

I'd be going to this week's event in Syracuse to see how all these players, along with my favorites Hannah Yun and Mitsuki Katahira, handle a Drumlins East course that I butchered this summer while trying to qualify for the NYSGA's Men's Amateur Championship, except that I've already committed to helping one of my best friends from grad school move into new digs in Austin, TX.  (And see if I can play a little better out of NY than in it.)  Too bad for me!  (Actually, I'm psyched for the trip!)


Anonymous said...

If you are going to be such a good friend and help your buddy move to Austin then the least he can do is take you to Salt Lick BBQ, preferably the original one in Driftwood.

sports medic

The Constructivist said...

Thanks for the tip!

SJC said...

Now that she has been promoted to LPGA category 8 (#103), it doesn't look like Yueer Cindy Feng will need to play any more on the Symetra Tour.