Thursday, April 30, 2009

Let's Hear It for the Boys!

Nice to see Ryo Ishikawa, Tadd Fujikawa, and Danny Lee all go under par on the first day of their respective tournaments! Well done, lads! But it's already time to put on the rally caps for Ryo and Tadd over on the JGTO--round 2 is not being as kind to either just yet....

[Update 1 (5/1/09, 7:42 am): Ouch! It's up to Danny now to put up the first and only good # of round 2...Tadd missed the cut and Ryo fell back to the middle of the pack after both blew up in Japan. And not in a good way.]

[Update 2 (5/2/09, 10:54 am): Ryo stayed in the middle of the pack on moving day, but Danny has a great chance for a great finish this weekend at Quail Hollow.]

[Update 3 (5/4/09, 4:39 am): Ryo ended up with a top 30, Danny with a top 40. Nothing to write home about, but every round's a learning experience....]

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