Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Credit Where Credit Is Due: On Global Golf Post

In my critique of Global Golf Post's test issue last November, Golf Girl left a long comment suggesting I not expect too much from them on women's golf when they went live in the new year. Well, 4 issues in and I had to give them credit for much better coverage of women's amateur golf than I had ever hoped for. Then, in this Monday's issue, they struck gold. Steve Ellis broke the news that 15-year-old-today Alexis Thompson plans to turn pro and play on sponsor exemptions around the world. Brian Hewitt does a great interview with Annika Sorenstam in which she strongly implies she's not coming back to competitive golf any time soon. Heck, they even slipped 2 paragraphs in on Sarah Oh's successful title defense on the ALPG! And did a brief profile of junior golfer Simin Feng, who won the Annika Invitational last year and wants to play for Stanford for 4 years before turning pro.

Of course, the gold standard is how well they cover the major women's professional tours, starting later this month. But I'm actually starting to get a little hopeful about this new venture....

[Update 1 (2/12/10, 9:31 am): Randall Mell downgrades the Thompson Watch from "planning" to turn pro to "exploring options" after talking with Alexis's dad.]


Patricia Hannigan said...

Well that's great to hear!

When I read in their media kit that their audience profile was "predominantly male" I immediately suspected there would be little or no coverage of the women's game.

I guess I've become a tad cynical of late :-}

The Constructivist said...

I thought you were right. But looks to me like they're realizing they better get the bloggers on their side this season.

On an unrelated note, you in on the LPGA Prognostication Derby this season?