Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recommended Reading: Looking Back on Lorena's Career, Looking Ahead to the LPGA's Future

I'm still too sad to write any more about Lorena's retirement, but wanted to pass along what I think have been the best looks back at Lorena'a career.

  • Lisa Mickey's memories of Lorena's amateur and Futures Tour years (and check out reactions from current Futures Tour players);
  • Hound Dog's video compilation of Lorena's most memorable shots from 2008;
  • Brian Hewitt's look ahead to Lorena's future (if the link doesn't work subscribe to Global Golf Post).
In addition, Hound Dog's preview of and hot 20 list for the Tres Marias Championship are out. But what I really want to call your attention to is Happy Fan's satirical suggestion that apartheid is the only way to save the LPGA. Now that's a must-read! [Update 1 (4/28/10, 5:10 am): Nice career comparison between Lorena and Tiger at age 28 by Ryan Ballengee.]


Vince Spence said...

Wow. Happyfan08 is one angry person. Are all Americans that bad or just American LPGA golf fans?

Americans want Americans to win. Koreans want Koreans. Swedes want Swedes. If in 2015, there are 150 Korean LPGA players and only 25 Americans, big deal. The tour closes up and regroups in Asia.

I'll hear about this, I'm sure, but I firmly believe if speaking English was even attempted by Asian players, it would go a long, long way. But, where I live where there is a huge, wealthy Korean population where I see English being eschewed and I see actual contempt when dealing with English only speaking people.

I thought "The Ugly American" was a piece of fiction...

The Constructivist said...

Vince, I don't know if HF's angry or not, but if you don't get a little pissed off when you read the comments to Jay Busbee's link to my "next #1" post, I think you oughtta go to the doctor to see if your blood pressure isn't too low!

Yeah, yeah, they're only "joking around" and having fun being "politically incorrect." Easy for me to laugh it off.... But my daughters? My wife?