Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kraft Nabisco Championship Sunday: Can Tseng Keep the Pedal to the Medal?

Ya Ni Tseng was playing about the worst of the 3 leaders over the 1st 54 holes of the Kraft Nabisco Championship, but like I warned Mike at Ruthless Golf in my last update in response to his prediction of a Karen Stupples win, past performance is no indicator of future results. Tseng is playing flawlessly so far in the final round, -4 through her 1st 8 holes thanks to an eagle on the 2nd, a birdie on the 3rd, and a birdie on the 8th. She finds herself 4 shots up on Suzann Pettersen (who recently bogeyed the tough 6th) and 5-up on Karen Stupples (who followed up her bogey on 4 with a double on 6) and Song-Hee Kim (the only other player within 5 of her who's under par right now). Can anyone chase Tseng down this Easter Sunday?

[Update 1 (10:18 pm): Hound Dog gives the play-by-play for Tseng's close win over Pettersen. Brent Kelley adds his comments. And here's's notes and interviews. I'll have more tomorrow!]

[Update 2 (4/5/10, 7:30 am): JLPGA fans will appreciate the inclusion of Ai-sama, Momo-chan, Mikan, Sakura, Chie, and Shinobu (among many many others from around the world) in LPGA Fan's latest video:

I'm disappointed at the 78s that Stupples, Wie, and Yokomine shot, but overjoyed for Arimura and Grace Park! When you consider how hard it was to make the top 20 this week, Chie and Grace did fantastic!]

[Update 3 (7:40 am): More golfoblogospheric reactions: Mike at Ruthless Golf, Jeff at LinksLifeGolf, Steph at Wei Under Par, and (amazingly) Shane at Devil Ball Golf.]

[Update 4 (11:05 pm): Here's Hound Dog (again) and Armchair Golfer.]

[Update 5 (11:26 pm): And here's Ryan Ballengee.]

[Update 6 (11:34 pm): Holy cow! The SI guys actually mentioned Ya Ni Tseng (if only to compare her to Anthony Kim off the course) and focus on the way the KNC always gets overshadowed by the Masters (all w/o acknowledging they are part of the problem).]

[Update 7 (4/6/10, 12:06 am): Wow! Just checked out Global Golf Post and was shocked to see Ya Ni Tseng on the cover of their April 5th edition. They actually moved women's golf into the single-digit page numbers for the KNC!]

[Update 8 (12:42 am): Why am I only just now reading about Michelle Wie's recent shoulder and wrist problems?]


Mike said...

Just for the record, TC, I can take it as easily as I can dish it out. Check my "bonus" Limerick Summary on Monday for my reaction to Yani Tseng's win. In my own defense, however, I don't see how anybody could have predicted a near-perfect GIR after her play this week!

The Constructivist said...

Certainly not me!