Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Recommended Reading: Why You Should Be Following the Futures Tour

Check out this week's press release from the Futures Tour: along with the game story on Kristie Smith's walkoff eagle, which gave her a 2-shot victory over Gerina Mendoza, who also eagled the 18th, on Masters Sunday, you can find out how Camila Mori survived the massive Chilean earthquake and tsunami, how Michelle Jarman is balancing life on the tour and in an accounting firm, how Cathryn Bristow is heading from Daytona to Jakarta for charity, how the top 10 on tour stack up, and more.

Unfortunately, the rest of the FT's April and May is just about as sparse as the LPGA's and LET's schedule. It's too bad that the 3 tours most American golfers choose to focus on have so many dead weeks at roughly the same times!

But at least we have the Mojo 6 this week (not to mention the JLPGA and KLPGA).... Following the players on twitter is a different kind of recommended reading--wondering if Angela Stanford will ever make it to Jamaica! And if the web site will publicize the results of the 6-hole matches, or if we'll have to wait till the start of May for CBS to air the tournament to find out what happens....


Awsi Dooger said...

The Futures Tour press crew always does a great job, with interesting and relevant releases. In many ways, that's a superior website to LPGA.com.

I wondered why Camila Mori started out the season so poorly, particularly during the first event. Normally she is steady, not too many over par holes. This puts it all in perspective.

I think Gerina could succeed on the LPGA right now, and eventually be the best player who appeared on Big Break.

The Constructivist said...

Lisa Mickey is the Bomb!