Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cheyenne Woods Headlines Symetra Tour Season-Opener

The Symetra Tour kicks off its 2014 season in Mesa, Arizona, tomorrow morning--and the tour should be getting a little more attention than usual because Miss Cheyenne Woods is making her debut there.  The recent LET/ALPG winner should be getting all the competition she can handle from the field, which features players like Louise Friberg, Alena Sharp, Yueer Cindy Feng, Lindy Duncan, Samantha Richdale, Dori Carter, Jean Reynolds, Veronica Felibert, Natalie Sheary, Jaclyn Sweeney, Jane Rah, Hannah Yun, Mitsuki Katahira, Karlin Beck, Tzu-Chi Lin, Julia Boland, Megan McChrystal, Alejandra Llaneza, Brianna Do, Lee Lopez, Madison Pressel, Mallory Blackwelder, Jennie Lee, Caroline Westrup, Brittany Altomare, and Stephanie Kono.

Woods is paired with Friberg and Sweeney at 8:40 am off the 1st tee.  I'm rooting for Woods, Yun (8:30 am, 10th tee), and Katahira (8:20 am, 1st tee) to start strong and keep it going all season!


DaveAndrews said...

Rooting for Hannah Yun to have a great week and a big year. Expect she'll be back on the LPGA in 2015.

Tony Jesselli (Tonyj5) said...

After her two week's in Australia, you wonder if Cheyenne can get up for this.

The Constructivist said...

She'd better get up for this, Tony, as she's not much better than the rest of the field right now, particularly the top players!