Tuesday, February 11, 2014

So What Did You All Think of the Team Skating Event at Sochi?

I haven't had time to fire up the DVR and watch the long programs in the team skating competition at Sochi, but I have to say that having selected men's and women's singles, pairs, dancers preview their routines didn't do much for me.  Maybe it's the obvious home ice advantage in scoring, maybe it's the made-for-tv exhibition aspect of it, maybe it's the fact that it came first and impinges on the individual competition, maybe it was the scoring system (which levelled out differences between skates far too much IMHO), maybe it's just the fact that skating is such a hit-and-miss sport and I'd rather have the drama reserved for one competition....  Maybe it's just the fact that Japan doesn't have world-class pairs or dancers so they didn't have a chance.  Whatever it is, I was left underwhelmed.  How about you?