Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yueer Cindy Feng Dominating SunCoast Series

So here's another question:  anyone notice that Yueer Cindy Feng already has 3 victories in 2014 on the SunCoast Series?  True, Jung Min Lee won this week by 3 shots over Song Yi Ahn and 6 over Maria Hjorth, but Feng didn't tee it up.  When she has, she's beaten the likes of Hjorth, Louise Friberg, Jenny Suh, Kim Kaufman, Sally Watson, Ulrika Van-Niekirk, Lauren Doughtie, and Karlin Beck (not all at once).  Not exactly a murderer's row, but a win's a win for an LPGA rookie and racking up 3 of them in 4 starts is not half bad.

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