Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010 LPGA Preview: The Rest of the Top 80

The race to secure full status on the LPGA will be more intense than ever in 2010. I can't tell you how hard it was to round out the rest of the top 80 after putting together my projected top 30 and next 20 the last 2 days.

51. Shiho Oyama
52. Stacy Prammanasudh
53. Mariajo Uribe
54. Nicole Castrale
55. Marianne Skarpnord
56. Pat Hurst
57. Gwladys Nocera
58. Kyeong Bae
59. Mina Harigae
60. Wendy Ward
61. Angela Park
62. Maria Hernandez
63. Meena Lee
64. M.J. Hur
65. Paige Mackenzie
66. Beatriz Recari
67. Julieta Granada
68. Shi Hyun Ahn
69. Meaghan Francella
70. Shanshan Feng
71. Haeji Kang
72. Allison Fouch
73. Jimin Kang
74. Katie Futcher
75. Moira Dunn
76. Sarah Lee
77. Janice Moodie
78. Grace Park
79. Young Kim
80. Na On Min

[Update 1 (2/1/10, 5:30 am): Jamie's not-quite-top-30 post at Snap Hook Herald made me realize I totally blanked on Brittany Lincicome. Knock everyone on this list down a spot, as I'll call her my #51 in 2010. Of course she has the talent to prove me way wrong, but so do a lot of players on this list who hit the ball a lot straighter than she does and perform a lot more consistently.]

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