Friday, January 8, 2010

The 2010 Women's Professional Developmental Tours' Schedules: Futures Tour, SunCoast Series, Cactus Tour

The schedules for the SunCoast Series in Florida and the Cactus Tour in Phoenix, Arizona, have been released. I'm interested in how those toiling on the mini-tours decide where to play. Both run 54-hole events with no cuts and small purses. Both feature a mix of LPGA and Futures Tour players looking for early tune-ups and players hoping someday to compete on those tours. My guess is the biggest factor for the majority of players is how close the events are to where they live. As usual, Moira Dunn will be revisiting her old college stomping grounds in Florida on the SCS this winter. Look for players like Sandra Gal, Meredith Duncan, Taylor Leon, and Hannah Yun to be joining her.

For comparative purposes, I'm inserting the Futures Tour's schedule (FT) into this rundown of the CT and SCS schedules and linking to my rundown of the worldwide schedule on the major women's tours (click on the links for field lists). Putting these 2 lists together shows just how many quantum leaps a player has to make to even get a chance to compete on the LPGA.

1/12-1/14 SCS: Rio Pinar
1/19-1/21 SCS: Forest Lake
1/25-1/27 SCC: West Orange

2/1-2/3 CT: The Legacy
2/8-2/10 CT: Wigwam Red
2/9-2/11 SCS: Stoneybrook East
2/16-2/18 CT: The Duke; SCS: Sugarloaf Mountain
2/22-2/24 CT: Hillcrest
2/23-2/25 SCS: Deer Island

3/1-3/3 CT: Coyote Lakes
3/2-3/4 SCS: Zellwood Station LPGA International (Legends)
3/8-3/10 CT: Lone Tree
3/15-3/17 CT: Papago; SCS: Erroll Estates LPGA International (Champions)
3/15-3/21 FT: Florida's Natural Charity Classic (Winter Haven, FL)
3/22-3/28 FT: Mexico Classic Riviera Nayarit Challenge (Nuevo Vallarto, Mexico)
3/23-3/25 SCS: Mount Dora
3/29-3/31 CT: Southern Dunes
3/30-4/1 SCS: Forest Lake

4/5-4/7 CT: Wigwam Red
4/5-4/11 FT: Daytona Beach Invitational (Daytona Beach, FL)
4/11-4/14 CT: Sun City
4/12-4/14 SCS: West Orange
4/19-4/25 FT: Historic Brownsville Open (Rancho Viejo, TX)
4/20-4/22 SCS: Harmony
4/26-4/28 CT: The Legacy
4/26-5/1 FT: Texas Hill Country Classic (San Antonio, TX)
4/27-4/29 SCS: Rio Pinar

5/3-5/5 CT: Papago
5/4-5/6 SCS: Stoneybrook East
5/10-5/12 CT: Southern Dunes
5/10-5/16 FT: Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City Classic (Leawood, KS)
5/11-5/13 SCS: Eastwood
5/31-6/6 FT: Ladies Titan Tire Challenge (Marion, IA)

6/7-6/13 FT: The Duramed Teva Championship (Mason, OH)
6/14-6/20 FT: Duramed FUTURES Tate & Lyle Players Championship (Decatur, IL)
6/21-6/27 FT: City of Hammond Classic (Hammond, IN)
6/28-7/4 FT: Crooked Creek Classic (London, KY)

7/12-7/18 FT: ING New England Golf Classic (Bloomfield, CT)
7/19-7/25 FT: tba (Beaver Meadow, NH)
7/26-8/1 FT: Alliance Bank Golf Classic (Syracuse, NY)

8/2-8/8 FT: Pennsylvania Classic (Harrisburg, PA)
8/9-8/11 CT: Wigwam Red
8/9-8/15 FT: Greater Richmond Golf Classic (Richmond, VA)
8/16-8/18 CT: The Duke
8/23-8/25 CT: Southern Dunes
8/30-9/1 CT: The Legacy
8/30-9/5 FT: Price Chopper Tour Championship (Albany, NY)

9/7-9/9 CT: Ocotillo

10/12-10/14 CT: Southern Dunes
10/19-10/21 CT: Arizona Open at Wigwam Red
10/25-10/27 CT: The Duke

11/8-11/10 CT: The Foothills
11/15-11/17 CT: The Legacy

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