Friday, January 29, 2010

Momo-chan and Ryo-kun Team Up Against Chie Arimura and Yuta Ikeda

And guess who got top billing on Japanese tv? The JLPGAers, of course!

Check out the blindfolded par 3 approach shots in part 2:

Even if you understand less Japanese than I do (which is saying a lot!), you still get the picture. It was cold and Ueda was hot! I'm telling you, watch out for her this season!

But give Ishikawa credit for stealing the show with his impression of Shingo Katayama's pre-shot routine (and post-shot reaction)!

Can't wait to see what he's got on the West Coast swing....

[Update 1 (2/3/10, 3:36 am): Check out Golf Girl's post on Ryo-kun's arrival in the States!]

[Update 2 (2/5/10, 2:17 pm): Here's Shane Bacon on Ryo-kun and Rory McIlroy. Wish he'd work as hard at identifying up-and-coming LPGA stars!]

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