Thursday, June 17, 2010

Momoko Ueda Resting Knee in Advance of LPGA Major Season

Momoko Ueda's name is nowhere to be seen in the pairings list for the Nichirei PGM Ladies event this week in Chiba on the JLPGA, so I asked the Full Metal Archivist to help me find out why. She found a Japanese Yahoo! news report that Momo-chan has a problem with the cartilage in her right knee--an injury of the meniscis--and has been dealing with it with a knee brace and cortisone injections. What I found was a weak article on Ueda's 24th birthday and her support for Japan's soccer team in the World Cup, with a few remarks about her injured knee. (Of course there's nothing in English.) At least from both articles it appears that she didn't pull out from the JLPGA event, but instead was making this a travel week.

But no sigh of relief here. First Shiho Oyama goes down with an elbow injury (which required surgery--she's due back in the fall, but is still in the field list for the LPGA Championship); now Momo-chan's season is at risk. Man, trying to leap from the JLPGA to LPGA sure isn't easy on the body!

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