Thursday, June 24, 2010

OK, Stephanie Wei's Media Tent Was Cooler Than Mine

You be the judge. But can Steph honestly say she was the 1st person in the U.S. Open media center on Monday morning that week? 'Cause I was this week. Mostly Harmless for the win!


courtgolf said...

I don't know about that - yours looks MUCH more formal with the table clothes. :-)

The Constructivist said...

Yeah, for some reason that was a big topic of conversation among the set-up crew. Something about they knew it was a major b/c the tablecloths came early!

The Florida Masochist said...

There were table clothes in the media room at the Stanford. I didn't arrive till Thursday though.

I think they had them at the ADT too. There I got in on Tuesday of tournament week.

Very good reporting BTW. Keep it up. Can you ask around what the plan is for the Tour Championship? It is less than five months away and they will have to start gathering volunteers to work it(whereever its played. I'm hoping for a return to Trump International myself....)