Sunday, June 20, 2010

ShopRite Classic Sunday: Ai Miyazato Gets Her 5th Win in the Last Calendar Year

Ai Miyazato saved her best for last at the ShopRite Classic, firing a 64 to give herself her 5th career LPGA victory the day after her 25th birthday. For details, see, Hound Dog, and Brent Kelley.

Me, I celebrated Father's Day by househunting and doing a ton of yard work with the Full Metal Archivist, onechan, and imoto, and I'm heading to the Rochester area before the sun rises tomorrow morning (I'm 1st alternate in the unofficial pro-am at the LPGA Championship and have to be at Locust Hill by 7 am), so no time to crow about how I called this win, what Ai-sama's 1st on American soil means, how impressive Jennifer Song's debut win on the Futures Tour was (she closed with a 61 and extended her lead on Esther Choe, who shot a 64 herself!), or a host of other topics that I'll pick up on from the media center at Locust Hill.

[Update 1 (6/21/10, 10:52 am): Here's Hound Dog's epilogue. Be sure to check out my blogging from Locust Hill today and tomorrow.]

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