Saturday, June 26, 2010

LPGA Championship Saturday: Can Cristie Kerr Keep It Going?

This week at the LPGA Championship, Cristie Kerr's driver has not been kind to her, finding the fairway less than 50% of the time through her 1st 43 holes. But it's not been mean to her, either, as she's managed to hit the green in regulation at an astounding 83.7% rate. That's why she's made only 2 bogeys all tournament, with 28 holes between her 1st and her latest. And that's why she's maintaining a 5-shot lead on Mika Miyazato so far today. But take a look at Vicky Hurst's scorecard from yesterday--her errant driver cost her 2 triples in her 1st 3 holes. If someone were to get as hot as Hurst got after that (she made 7 birdies in her last 15 holes) or as hot as Azahara Munoz has been lately (she's -5 over her last 18 holes of bogey-free golf) and Kerr's driver were to get her in some serious trouble, the entire atmosphere of this major could change very quickly. We'll see if it does. Well, those not stuck in Buffalo for another few hours will. Here's hoping our hotel gets Golf Channel! John Goldstein informs me GC is extending their coverage an extra hour: 4-8 pm!

[Update 1 (11:31 am): Gotta head out for violin practice for onechan soon, so I'll turn you over to Beth Ann Baldry's live-tweeting.]

[Update 2 (8:03 pm): Took advantage of the GC coverage at the hotel to avoid the internets today and root for Mika Miyazato. Except for a break at the pool, I saw every shot that mattered since I wrote my last update. Despite a few pulls off the tee, Cristie Kerr extended her lead. Although she couldn't match Morgan Pressel's low round of the day--a 68--she hung in there and made a lot of putts down the stretch when it seemed like the wheels were starting to come off a bit midway through her round. Mikan's double on 18 gave Kerr an 8-stroke cushion. Here's Hound Dog's overview (he must have signed off before Mikan's double was posted). And here's's notes and interviews. Looking for Ai-sama to go low tomorrow. Hope to follow her while the Full Metal Archivist entertains the girls at the pool.]


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Boy, that onechan is a slave driver ! But it's good that she keeps you to your practice schedule. :-)

And that's just mean, leaving us to BAB's for tournament information.

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