Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm Here!

Got up at 4 am, left the house by 4:30, and got to Locust Hill by 6:30 (don't tell the state police!). Waited around for an hour to see if anyone was going to pull a no-show for the pro-am (no such luck), so now I'm off to follow Mina Harigae on the back for awhile.

Nothing much to report, except a great pre-sunrise and sunrise--for awhile it looked like pink lava flowing beneath purple cotton-candy clouds on a pale green sky. Oh, and I did get to practice for 20 minutes on the putting green, which was so true and quick it felt like you could make a putt from anywhere. Already can tell you're going to have to watch those downhillers--the greens are so true, the changes in speed depending the steepness of the slopes are palpable!

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