Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is Juli Inkster Going to Retire?

Talk about the end of an era if it happens: I just got a feeling Juli Inkster will announce her retirement soon when I heard she got the sponsor exemption into the Samsung World Championship at Torrey Pines. It wouldn't take much to argue she doesn't deserve this and didn't deserve the last captain's pick for the Solheim Cup, at least based on her play the last 2 seasons. But in terms of honoring her place in golf history, both are exactly the right call. I can't see Daniel and Samsung doing what they did unless they, too, have the same feeling as me.

[Update 1 (4:24 pm): Somehow that "reduced schedule" she mentioned after the Solheim Cup doesn't sound right for someone as competitive as she is. I think she's either all in or out.]

[Update 2 (8/28/09, 12:12 pm): Wish Tim Rosaforte had gone for the scoop on Inkster's future plans in his otherwise strong piece on Inkster and the Solheim Cup kids.]

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Anonymous said...

Can't disagree with you on the possibility of retirement - but with a team half full of wet behind the ears girls, I want a Juli Inkster on the team showing them how things should be done.

Without an Inkster - the next strongest personality is Christina Kim...and that wouldn't be a good thing. As much fun as she is, the team is still there to compete first, party second.

A "fairwell tour" from Inkster would not go well...peformance wise. You're right - she seems like an "all in or all out" player.