Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Look Out, T-Joh!

Originally uploaded by the_constructivist18
Yes, I know that Tiffany Joh is the best golfer-blogger-singer-songwriter-cartoonist-videographer on the planet, but she'd better not look in her rear-view mirror, 'cause onechan's on the road to golf cartooning, too. She drew this one as Mallory Hetzel was lining up a birdie putt on the 9th green last Saturday at the Futures Tour event in Syracuse. And Hetzel made it! Maybe this is like golf's version of Death Note? Birdie Toon?


Anonymous said...

Hmm - I'm thinking you have a goldmine on your hands ! A player needs a big putt or shot - onechan pulls up pen and paper in hand - player pays the fee - onechan draws - and the shot comes off to perfection !! :-)

TJ said...

sayyyy...what is onechan doing this week, and next week, and the week after that? =P

The Constructivist said...

Hold your horses, you two! We're gonna do a little more field testing before we trot out our business plan. (Hey, I need birdies more than pros do, right?)

Seriously, TJ, if Momma Joh could stand to have onechan around (her latest kick is to ask to go shopping all the time--this from a girl who used up this month's $5 allowance the end of last month on an overpriced orange bow for her hair), the FMA and I will stick her on a plane to KY right away!

Anonymous said...

of COURSE you need the birdies, Con. The question is...can you AFFORD her prices ? :-D