Thursday, August 13, 2009

Momo-chan vs. Ryo-kun: Japanese Media Meltdown, Part Deux

Check out Japan's morning sports highlight show for the recap of Momoko Ueda's JLPGA win last week and preview of Ryo Ishikawa's competing in the PGA Championship:

Ryo-kun said the course is long and hard, with small greens. There's nothing on youtube yet about the return of Ai Miyazato to the JLPGA this week, but there are plenty of new clips on Ryo-kun:

Love the pink pants! Hopefully he isn't worn out by the chewing gum commercial he recently filmed:

I put him on my Yahoo! fantasy golf team this week, but the poor guy can't even go to the airport in peace!

It's not easy having the hopes and dreams of a nation on your 17-year-old shoulders.

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