Friday, August 28, 2009

Safeway Classic Friday: Anyone Know Why Creamer WDed?

The 1st pairings are off at the Safeway Classic, but I was surprised to see that Paula Creamer is not among them. She's listed as withdrawn, not "did not start," so what the heck happened?

[Update 1 (11:48 am): Nice Ballz, Hound Dog, Seoul're on the clock!]

[Update 2 (11:51 am): You, too, Verdant Garden.]

[Update 3 (12:16 pm): Should have checked the twitterati 1st. Ron Sirak has the ominous reason--return of the stomach problems from earlier this season and late last one.]

[Update 4 (12:17 pm): And Nice Ballz preserves the image of the way people on site were notified of Creamer's WD, for the historical record. Nice work!]

[Update 5 (7:11 pm): Oh man, another player I really like had to WD from what I hope isn't a recurrence of a recurring problem for her. (Jane Park--back?)]


Anonymous said...

Christina Kim's twitter had said that a lot of the players from the Solheim Cup had been sick so that would be my guess?

The Constructivist said...

Read on Seoul that Ochoa has a bad cold, too.

Anonymous said...

What an opportunity for Pornanong Phatlum though to not only get into the LPGA event but to play with Suzann and Jiyai!