Monday, August 24, 2009

Thank You, Blogoramaville, for Your Solheim Cup Writing

Thank you, Brent Kelley, Bill Jempty, Hound Dog, Ryan Ballengee, and Average Golfer, for the quick overviews of Sunday action and the Solheim Cup as a whole.

Thank you, Hound Dog, for the live play-by-play.

Thank you, Jeff Skinner, Jay Busbee, Greg Couch, and Jason Sobel, for trying to get a debate started on the significance of Michelle Wie's 3-0-1 record this week and on the week as a whole for the LPGA.

The beach was awesome, by the way. Maybe I spent too much time in the hot tub afterwards, but I'm pleasantly surprised to find the SI guys so excited about the week.

[Update 1 (3:31 am): I'll add Golf Channel's Shag Bag blog, Golf Digest Woman, and Golfweek's The Tour Blog to my gratitude list.]

[Update 2 (9:33 am): Hound Dog's epilogue was the first article or post I've seen giving the rundown on individual records in this year's Solheim Cup matches. Plus he's got some great observations and commentary.]

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