Thursday, November 4, 2010

Should the Wegmans LPGA Championship Move to Oak Hill?

Don't get me wrong, I love Locust Hill, the site of the Wegmans LPGA Championship. It's a great test of precision golf and a great venue for spectators. But via Geoff Shackelford I found out about a Kevin Robbins piece on Lee Trevino lamenting the departure of the Champions Tour from Oak Hills. In a spectacular misreading, I read Oak Hill, in Rochester, NY, rather than Oak Hills, in San Antonio, TX, and got my hopes up that the Wegmans LPGA Championship could move from Locust to Oak Hill.

Well, on further reflection, I stand by that misreading. Given the buzz the LPGA had gotten by playing at Torrey Pines and Oakmont in recent years, how could it not be a good thing for them to move to Oak Hill? And now that I think of it, why not try to make Lorena Ochoa's dream of a San Antonio tournament a reality and have an AT&T LPGA Classic at Oak Hills, while we're at it? Mike Southern is excited about the guys finally joining in the same battle for #1 that's been a fixture on the LPGA for the last 2 seasons--shouldn't they get to compete on classic courses now too short for the guys?

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Mike said...

I like that idea, TC. Since some of the classic courses are too short for the PGA now, why not let the LPGA play them? It sounds like a win-win for both sides to me.