Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beatriz Recari Teeing It Up on the JLPGA Tomorrow

I was interested to see if Ji-Yai Shin, Ai Miyazato, Seon Hwa Lee, or Candie Kung would take advantage of their eligibility to play in the last regular-season JLPGA event of 2010, the Daio Paper ElleAir Ladies, so I checked their pairings sheet for tomorrow's 1st round. Even though Shin and Miyazato are playing in next week's season-ending major, the Ricoh Cup, they won't be teeing it up this week. Nor will Lee or Kung. As I scanned the list, I noticed plenty of JLPGA regulars with LPGA connections of one kind or another--Inbee Park, Momoko Ueda, Shiho Oyama, Teresa Lu, Tamie Durdin, Young Kim, Na-Ri Kim, and Onnarin Sattayabanphot--when all of a sudden I came across a "B.リカリ" from "スペイン"! Yup, that's Beatriz Recari from Spain, who must have enjoyed the Asian swing so much she couldn't wait to get back to Japan! No, wait, she only played in Malaysia this year, so this'll be her 1st time on the JLPGA. Buena suerte, B-chan!


courtgolf said...

Oh my ! If Beatriz wins, there may be shrines built to her beauty and skill with the golf clubs. :-)

Unknown said...

TC, are you sure that Jiyai is playing Ricoh? I ask because she said in her pre-Mizuno interview that she only had 2 tournaments left (hopefully she meant 'after this one'), and after she won she said that she was having a few weeks off and then playing the LPGA Tour Championship. I hope she is there, but I think she's taken the view that there is plenty of time left to win tournaments, and that her health is better. She skipped both the Salonpas Cup and the JWO despite both being offweeks on the LPGA Tour and being in Japan the week before. I am really not convinced that she thinks it's worth ruining herself on the offchance that she can be a top player on both tours - I think she'd be there if the Ricoh had been this week, say, or the week after Mizuno, but I don't think she likes trying to shoot from one continent to another on successive weeks.
Hope I'm wrong! Do you know for sure that she's there?

The Constructivist said...

Good point, James. She's qualified for it but I haven't seen anything to indicate she'll actually be there. Given that she could have been in this week's event, it's possible that she's left Asia or will leave Asia soon to get ready for the LPGA Tour Championship. There were a lot of question marks after Mizuno in her caddy's email to me back in September:

I'll look into this!