Monday, November 29, 2010

JLPGA Q-School: Final Qualifying Tournament Pairings

The pairings for the 4-round 4th stage of JLPGA Q-School, their Final Qualifying Tournament, have been released. All the players from the previous stage that I tracked except Na Zhang, Riko Higashio, Hiroko Yamaguchi, Da E Na, Mai Arai, and Kyung-Min Lin advanced. The biggest new names belong to the LPGA's Hee Young Park and Lindsey Wright, although Shiho Oyama and Erina Hara from the JLPGA will be recognizable to fans of Asian golf.

Here's when and where the key players (whose names I could recognize) go off in tomorrow's 1st round:

1st Tee
8:00 am: Teresa Lu
8:27 am: He Yong Choi, Miki Sakai
8:45 am: Jae-Hee Bae
8:54 am: Orie Fujino
9:03 am: Julie Lu
9:12 am: Mika Takushima, Maria Iida
9:21 am: Hee Young Park
9:30 am: Soo-Yun Kang
9:39 am: Ji-Na Lim
9:48 am: Shanshan Feng, Kumiko Kaneda, Kaori Ohe
9:57 am: Erina Hara, Kaori Higo
10:06 am: Kuniko Maeda
10:15 am: So-Hee Kim
10:24 am: Shiho Oyama, Yeo-Jin Kang, Yumiko Yoshida

10th Tee
8:00 am: Ae-Na Jeon
8:36 am: Erika Kikuchi
8:45 am: Megumi Kido
8:54 am: Tao-Li Yang
9:21 am: Meena Lee
9:30 am: Lindsey Wright
9:39 am: Bo-Mee Lee
9:48 am: Onnarin Sattayabanphot
9:57 am: Sakurako Mori
10:06 am: Yuki Sakurai

Interesting that no top LETers took advantage of their exemptions into this stage and that Hee Young Park was the only eligible Korean on the 2009 LPGA money list to do so--not Na Yeon Choi, In-Kyung Kim, Song-Hee Kim, Eun-Hee Ji, or Seon Hwa Lee. (Although for the 1st 3, at least, playing in the LPGA Tour Championship is obviously a much higher priority!) Looks like Wright is trying to keep the Australian pipeline to the JLPGA alive, as well. And that--again for obvious reasons--Ya Ni Tseng is not joining Teresa Lu in helping to shore up the Taiwanese pipeline.

[Update 1 (8:25 am): Happy Fan reports that Sarah Lee, Gloria Park, Il Mi Chung, Joo Mi Kim, and Aree Song will be joining youngsters Hana Jang and KLPGA Q-School medalist Eun Byol Choi on the KLPGA in 2011.]

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