Thursday, November 25, 2010

JLPGA Q-School 3rd Stage Thursday: Kumiko Kaneda and Kaori Ohe Take Medalist Honors

20-year-old Kaori Ohe took medalist honors at the Ibaraki prefecture playing of the 3rd stage of JLPGA Q-School with a 71 today, while 21-year-old Kumiko Kaneda was the medalist at Mie on the strength of a 68. I'm pretty sure that just about all the players I was following made it through to the Final Qualifying Tournament next week. Given that 5 spots in the 102-player field are reserved for those who finished 51st through 55th on the JLPGA money list this year and an undetermined amount for those who made the top 50 in last year's FQT, as well as the fact that anyone from the top 20 of the 2009 LPGA money list and the top 10 of the LET's top 10 can also join in, the "cut line" from this week has yet to be officially determined, but my guess is that anyone outside the top 40 in either qualifier is either on the bubble or out.

Here are the final results from this week:

1st/-6 Kaori Ohe (70-68)
6th/-3 He Yong Choi (73-71-69)
7th/-2 Miki Sakai (72-73-69)
15th/-1 Teresa Lu (74-68-73)
17th/-1 Ae-Na Jeon (69-73-73)
26th/+2 Sakurako Mori (76-72-70)
27th/+2 Erika Kikuchi (73-75-70)
32nd/+3 Megumi Kido (75-76-69)
34th/+3 Tao-Li Yang (73-74-72)
43rd/+5 Na Zhang (76-74-71)
61st/+7 Riko Higashio (78-72-73)
62nd/+7 Hiroko Yamaguchi (75-74-74)

Looks like veterans Higashio and Yamaguchi are the odd ones out and Zhang is holding her breath. I'm really rooting for Zhang, who was 5th on the JLPGA money list in 2007, to make a full recovery from her back problems and make it back to the tour in 2011.

1st/-6 Kumiko Kaneda (71-71-68)
2nd/-3 Shanshan Feng (76-69-68)
3rd/-1 Ji Na Lim (72-71-72)
5th/+1 Soo-Yun Kang (77-68-72)
12th/+5 Meena Lee (77-74-70)
17th/+7 Bo-Mee Lee (83-68-72)
18th/+7 Onnarin Sattayabanphot (79-72-72)
28th/+10 Yuki Sakurai (80-76-70)
45th/+12 Da E Na (79-74-75)
55th/+13 Mai Arai (79-74-76)
56th/+13 Kyung-Min Lin (77-76-76)

Looks like Na's on the bubble, while youngsters Arai and Lin will not be advancing.

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