Tuesday, November 16, 2010

OK, So Now Who's Having the Best 2010 in Women's Golf?

Last season, 15 players garnered multiple wins, either on their home tour alone or across 2 or more tours, with Ji-Yai Shin beating out Lorena Ochoa, Sakura Yokomine, and Hee Kyung Seo for 2009 Mostly Harmless Player of the Year. So who are the front-runners for this year's award? Heading into the final weeks on all the women's major tours, it seems like a good time to update my late-September overview. Here are the 16 players with multiple wins worldwide in 2010.

5-time Winners (3): Ai Miyazato (all LPGA--Thailand, Singapore, Tres Marias, ShopRite, Safeway); Lee-Anne Pace (all LET--Switzerland, Wales, Finland, China 2x); Laura Davies (all LET--New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Spain, India)

4-time Winners (3): Ya Ni Tseng (3 LPGA--Kraft Nabisco, British, NW Arkansas--and 2 LET--Australian, British); Ji-Yai Shin (2 LPGA--Evian, Mizuno--2 JLPGA--Cyber Agent, Mizuno--1 KLPGA--KLPGA Championship--and 1 LET--Evian); Sun-Ju Ahn (all JLPGA--Daikin Orchid, Stanley, Sankyo, Fujitsu)

3-time Winners (2): Mi-Jeong Jeon (all JLPGA--Yonex, Nichirei, Munsingwear); Bo Mee Lee (all KLPGA--Kim Young Joo, Daewoo, Star Tour Grand Finale)

2-time Winners (8): Cristie Kerr (both LPGA--State Farm, LPGA Championship); Na Yeon Choi (both LPGA--Farr, Hana); Sakura Yokomine (both JLPGA--Fundokin, Masters GC); Yuri Fudoh (both JLPGA--Bridgestone, Meiji); Akane Iijima (both JLPGA--Suntory, Golf5); Soo-Jin Yang (both KLPGA--Korean Women's Open, Himart); Shin Ae Ahn (both KLPGA--Hidden Valley, High1 Resort); Trish Johnson (both LET--Tenerife, France)

My top 3 right now would be Ya Ni Tseng, Ji-Yai Shin, and Ai Miyazato. How about yours?

[Update 1 (12/8/10, 8:36 am): Check out Jason Sobel's case for Ya Ni Tseng--and he doesn't even mention her LET win!]

[Update 2 (12/30/10, 10:45 am): I should note that Inbee Park (Nishijin, Ricoh) also won twice on the JLPGA this season--the 2nd a major!]


Mike said...

Tseng -- it's hard to beat four wins with two majors. That's gotta be worth at least six or seven regular wins. At least.

Sports Medic said...

My vote goes to Ji Yai Shin (so far). While Ai Miyazato has the five LPGA win and Yani Tseng has the two majors, I place alot of stock in how she has played when she hasn't won.

Shin finished 2nd to 5th place ten times plus she has two 6th place finishes. Her other finishes are T14, T22, and T26.

Miyazato has one 2nd to fifth place finish and has finished 6th to 10th another 3 times. Her other finishes include T17, T19, T27, T28, T31, T39, T49, and T69.

Tseng has four 2nd to fifth place finish and has no 6th to 10th place finishes. Her other finishes include T11, T11,T14, T19, 27, T33, T41, T45, and T57.

Ai Miyazato started the season stronger than the others. Ji Yai Shin finished the season stronger than the others. Since coming back from her emergency appendectomy she's had all four of her victories and only one finish out of the top 6. She has not had a bad finish all year. My final arguement is that Ji Yai Shin is the only one of the three with no missed cuts. Yani Tseng has had one and Ai Miyazato has two.

The Constructivist said...

Wow, you two raise the classic argument of (big) wins vs. consistency. I gotta give Shin credit for winning all over the world and for being the most consistent of the 3, but if none of them win, I'm still leaning toward Tseng over her.