Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dai-chan Did It! Your Turn Now, Ai-sama!!

Despite flying across the country to Portland, OR, The Full Metal Archivist didn't turn out to be all that much in the inspiration department for Daisuke Takahashi at Skate America, as he got outskated in the short program by rival Nobunari Oda--

--and just, as she put it, "choked 3 jumps" in the free skate, but she was one heck of a good luck charm, after all, as he still got the gold--by less than a point! Guess it makes up for him getting jobbed by the judges at Skate Canada outside Toronto last year when the entire Constructivist family could afford to make the trip together.

No way I'm headed to Guadalajara to support Ai Miyazato in person today at the Lorena Ochoa Invitational, but I'm hoping she realizes she still has a great shot at winning, even if she isn't playing at her absolute best! Gambatte, Ai-sama. How about you show Dai-chan how to finish off a win with style?

[Update 1 (1:20 am): Here's Oda's short program:

Cleaner program and great music, but just not as interesting or expressive a skater as Dai-chan, no? You be the judge!]

[Update 2 (1:36 am): That was quick:

Way to go, Russian TV!]

[Update 3 (2:50 am): The FMA just texted me: "Got 2 autog. of daisuke. Such nice guy. took extra time 4 fans." Mama's bringing home some cool gifts for onechan and imoto. Too bad she'll miss seeing them skate tomorrow at the Fredonia rink!]

[Update 4 (6:44 am): From reading Backstage Barbie's post, it seems like Oda screwed up worse than Dai-chan.]

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