Tuesday, September 15, 2009

CNN International on Golf in South Korea

Nice of CNN to post clips from their documentary on the South Korean women's golf revolution on their web site, along with their exploration of reasons why Korean men have taken so much longer to emerge on the world stage. But they make the same mistake everyone else made after Y.E. Yang's shocking defeat of Tiger Woods: Se Ri Pak was not the first Asian-born major winner; Hisako Higuchi was. Still, they make up for it with the tidbit that J Golf has televised a virtual golf tournament played entirely on a golf simulator. Nice work, CNN!

[Update 1 (9/16/09, 10:50 pm): And nice work by The Independent in their in-depth look at golf in China.]

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Serge said...

This just goes to show that golf is a sport which has already caught much attention worldwide. It's great to see that other countries from the eastern nations are now also leaving their mark on this game.