Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FL Q-School Wednesday: T-Joh Leading at Halfway Point

Tiffany Joh shot a 71 on the tougher Panther Course of Plantation Golf and Country Club in the 2nd round of the Florida sectional qualifier for LPGA Q-School, which was good enough to give her a 2-shot lead at the halfway point over Gwladys Nocera, Seema Sadekar, and Tiffany Tavee. Fans of her blogging and tweeting won't surprised at T-Joh's ability to lay down the sound bites, but for those who haven't yet experienced her way with words, the following quote from ought to be enough of a taste:

"For me, it was a Denny's ham-and-cheese-scramble kind of day," said Joh, a rookie this season on the Duramed FUTURES Tour. "I was getting it up and down from everywhere, really scrambling out there. I'm not striking it super pure, but it feels good to have two solid rounds."

Here are results from other players I'm following this week with particular interest:

T10/E Briana Vega (73-71) Sofie Andersson (72-72) [both Bobcat-Panther]
T19/+1 Maria Hernandez (73-72), Marianne Skarpnord (73-72), Malinda Johnson (73-72) [all B-P], Lisa Ferrero (72-73) [P-B]
T26/+2 Caroline Larsson (71-75) [B-P]
T33/+3 Stephanie Na (71-76) [B-P]
T39/+4 Paola Moreno (75-73) [P-B]
T44/+5 Nikki Garrett (70-79) [P-B]
T64/+8 Jennie Lee (73-79) [P-B]

Missing the cut were Carmen Alonso (77-76) [P-B] and Rebecca Kim (79-77) [B-P]. Their LPGA hopes for 2010 are over. Lee and Garrett will need good weekends to put themselves into the top 30, while everyone else will just need to play solid. With only 6 strokes separating the #1 and the #32 golfer in the field right now, though, everyone in the top 30 will need to keep on keepin' on. A lot can happen in the last 36 holes, especially if they play the tougher Panther Course both days.

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