Monday, September 7, 2009

Ryo-Kun for President('s Cup)

Brent Kelley points out an added significance to Ryo Ishikawa's win yesterday on the JGTO that hadn't occurred to me: he just helped his cause to be chosen as a captain's pick for the international side in the President's Cup. I'm sure Greg Norman and Frank Nobilo have access to all the video of Ryo-kun they need to make their decision, but just in case they don't know how to cut and paste his name in Japanese into youtube, here are a few clips they ought to see:

Here are some Ryo-kun highlights from the 3rd round (in the context of highlight clips from boxing, the JLPGA, and beach volleyball!):

Here are his best shots of the week:

The Full Metal Archivist hated the cheesy narration on this one. She also thinks he's lost his cuteness/shyness. But, then, she's crazy about Daisuke Takahashi, so take that with a grain of salt. Here's part 1 of the new documentary on Dai-chan, for your bonus ikemen viewing pleasure:

[Update 1 (9/8/09, 6:32 am): Look, I can understand the SI guys ignoring the LPGA--it's less painful than when they pay what counts as attention for them--but to miss out on mentioning that Ryo-kun won this past week in Japan? Priceless.]

[Update 2 (9/9/09, 1:54 am): When Aussie Golfer fully supports the Ishikawa pick and mocks the Scott one, you know Ryo-kun really earned his spot. As for Adam...? I'll leave it to Bob Smiley to explain!]

[Update 3 (2:08 am): OK, so Scott has a good team match play record, but that doesn't stop Geoff Shackelford from quoting some of the juiciest critiques of Norman's decision from the golfy media. Wonder if any of them have caught up with Stephanie Wei, who wonders whether the pick was a veiled dig at Tim Finchem.]

[Update 4 (2:18 am): Ryan Ballengee turns the Scott incredulity thing up to 11--and links to 2 more bloggy reactions.]

[Update 5 (2:35 am): Even the fair-minded Brent Kelley can't quite get his head around the Scott pick.]

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