Tuesday, September 8, 2009

sf@SF Is Back!

Just a little public service announcement for those who come to Mostly Harmless looking for stuff on sf, anime, and other aspects of American and transnational popular culture: I've got students in both my undergraduate classes this semester signing up as co-authors on the sf@SF blog, which is now on "science fiction--and more--at SUNY Fredonia." I've just posted a brief observation on the odd choice of commercials that run during Onegai My Melody on veoh.com and Ouran High School Host Club on youtube.com. We should have several posts per week up from a variety of writers this semester. Check it out when you get a chance!


IceCat said...

Have a look at this article about a Quebecoise singer doing for anime what another Canadian, Mark Rowswell, has done for the Chinese comedic artform known as crosstalk:



The Constructivist said...

Kevin, nice find! The enka singer referred to in the article's last line is Jero, about whom I've written quite a bit here!