Sunday, September 20, 2009

CA Q-School Sunday: Blumenherst Medals, Beating Munoz by 6

Amanda Blumenherst continued to impress today in the final round of the California sectional qualifier for LPGA Q-School. She shot a solid 70--not the lowest score of the day, which belonged to Lehua Wise, Ashley Knoll, and Emma Cabrera-Bello, who all shot sizzling 67s--but good enough for a 6-shot win over Azahara Munoz. Here's how all my picks ended up:

1. Yuko Mitsuka DPDD: 69-68-76-69 -6 (T6)
2. Azahara Munoz PDDD: 70-66-71-71 -10 (2nd)
3. Amanda Blumenherst DPDD: 70-67-65-70 -16 (1st)
4. Maria Jo Uribe PDDD: 74-69-71-71 -3 (T11)
5. Paola Moreno DPDD: 76-71-75-74 +8 (T50)
6. Maria Hernandez PDDD: 72-74-72-74 +4 (T32)
7. Beatriz Recari DPDD: 74-72-71-72 +1 (T23)
8. Hannah Jun PDDD: 71-70-71-71 -5 (9th)
9. Jennie Lee PDDD: 72-73-76-78 +11 (T61)
10. Tamie Durdin PDDD: 66-74-73-71 -4 (10th)
11. Jane Chin PDDD: 68-70-71-76 -3 (T11)
12. Emma Cabrera-Bello PDDD: 72-73-68-67 -8 (4th)

Alt 1 Kristie Smith PDDD: 74-68-78-75 +7 (T46)
Alt 2 Sofie Andersson PDDD: 74-71-74-73 +4 (T32)
Alt 3 Cindy LaCrosse PDDD: 68-72-77-72 +1 (T23)

A 74 dropped Esther Choe back to -6 overall and T6, but she ended up being the only player in my next 15 to make the top 12. Libby Smith, Ayaka Kaneko, and Iben Tinning didn't play great, but they did well enough to stay in the top 30, which is more than can be said for Marianne Skarpnord, Briana Vega, Rebecca Kim, and Lisa Ferrero. I was rooting for them all to make it, so that the field for the Florida sectional qualifier at the end of the month would be even weaker. But it looks like Tiffany Joh will have some competition there, after all! Oh well, it'll just make her medalist finish all the sweeter. You heard it here 1st!

[Update 1 (2:40 am): Beth Ann Baldry has a nice look at the contrasting fortunes of Amanda Blumenherst and Azahara Munoz, on the one hand, and Tiffany Joh and Maria Hernandez, on the other. The college kids will be all right, but it won't always be easy.]

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