Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FL Q-School Tuesday: Is Tiffany Joh Back?

Tiffany Joh opened with a 69 today on the Bobcat Course at Plantation Golf and Country Club to join a logjam at T2, 1 shot behind Greek-American Liebelei Lawrence in the 1st round of the Florida sectional qualifier for LPGA Q-School.

Australia's Nikki Garrett (70 on the Bobcat Course), Stephanie Na (71 on the Panther Course) and amateur Leanne Bowditch (ditto) joined Sweden's Caroline Larsson (ditto) and Canada's Seema Sadekar (70 on the Bobcat Course) in adding an international flavor to the 13 golfers who went under par today. Among the players who held it together at E or 1-over are the LET's Gwladys Nocera and Marianne Skarpnord and the Futures Tour's Maria Hernandez, Jennie Lee, Lisa Ferrero, Sofie Andersson, Briana Vega, and Malinda Johnson.

Of the players I expected to do well, only Rebecca Kim (79 on the Panther Course) and Carmen Alonso (77 on the Bobcat Course) are in serious danger of missing the cut, although Paola Moreno (75 on the Bobcat Course) can't afford another bad round.

[Update 1 (9/30/09, 12:24 pm): Sweet, they're live-scoring the 2nd round (at least posting results as cards come in, that is)!]


Anonymous said...

That's good news from T-Joh. Following her blog and Futures Tour results this season, it didn't look like she was taking much of anything seriously. From the blog, it looked more like she and her mom were taking a "golf vacation" instead of buckling down to learn the pro game - and it looked like they were having a great time ! :-) Maybe they were doing just that - a last "fling" before having to get really serious about the career.

The Constructivist said...

I think it was humor to mask the agony, myself. She really has been struggling with her game most of this year, including in college. Her mom told me in Syracuse it's mostly her driver. That's why I put the question mark in my title--in my experience, it takes a while to fix the driver and even if it goes well 1 round, it's not the easiest thing in the world to keep it going the next one if it's been giving you problems for a long time.

I think they were having a great time off the course, but think the on-course stuff was really quite painful. Here's hoping she's past the worst of it!

Anonymous said...

Clearly, one of us needs to volunteer our services as her caddy...get her through Q-school an onto the LPGA Tour...then get her over the million dollar mark in earnings. (personally, I could use a raise) :-)

The Constructivist said...

I got the young kids, so u da man! Dream job!