Thursday, September 10, 2009

NW Arkansas Championship Pairings

Wow, the tournament organizers of the NW Arkansas Championship don't fool around when it comes to concentrating the event's star power. Check out who's going off the 1st tee in the late morning:

Start Time: 8:43 AM
Brittany Lincicome
Michelle Wie
Natalie Gulbis

Start Time: 8:54 AM
Paula Creamer
Stacy Lewis
Cristie Kerr

Start Time: 9:05 AM
Morgan Pressel
Laura Diaz
Ai Miyazato

Start Time: 9:16 AM
Seon Hwa Lee
Brittany Lang
Maria Hjorth

Start Time: 9:27 AM
Rachel Hetherington
Song-Hee Kim
Pat Hurst

That's not to say there aren't other great prime-time pairings. Consider who's going off opposite them in the early afternoon on the back:

Start Time: 12:10 PM
Kristy McPherson
Christina Kim
Helen Alfredsson

Start Time: 12:21 PM
Ji-Yai Shin
Angela Stanford
Vicky Hurst

Start Time: 12:32 PM
Se Ri Pak
Eunjung Yi
Teresa Lu

Start Time: 12:43 PM
Amy Yang
M.J. Hur
Sun Young Yoo

Start Time: 12:54 PM
Giulia Sergas
Ya Ni Tseng
Ji Young Oh

Or off the 1st tee in the early afternoon:

Start Time: 12:10 PM
Leta Lindley
Wendy Ward
Eun-Hee Ji

Start Time: 12:21 PM
Anna Grzebien
Young Kim
Sandra Gal

Start Time: 12:32 PM
Jane Park
Meaghan Francella
Jeong Jang

Start Time: 12:43 PM
Meg Mallon
Angela Park
Mika Miyazato

Start Time: 12:54 PM
Na Yeon Choi
Jee Young Lee
Candie Kung

And it's not like the last of the prime-time pairings going off the 10th tee in the late morning are chopped liver:

Start Time: 8:43 AM
Louise Friberg
Nicole Castrale
Michele Redman

Start Time: 8:54 AM
Kyeong Bae
Inbee Park
Hee Young Park

Start Time: 9:05 AM
Lorie Kane
Hee-Won Han
Lindsey Wright

Start Time: 9:16 AM
Katherine Hull
Silvia Cavalleri
Stacy Prammanasudh

Start Time: 9:27 AM
Meena Lee
Soo-Yun Kang
Jimin Kang

Me, I'd be following Ai-sama and Morgan for sure, but would switch over to the super-cool Moira Dunn/Hye Jung Choi/Nontaya Srisawang pairing going off #10 at 1:27 pm. My sleeper threesome, however, goes off the 1st tee early:

Start Time: 7:48 AM
Alena Sharp
Charlotte Mayorkas
Minea Blomqvist

Just have a feeling they're all due. We'll see tomorrow!

[Update 1 (9:39 am): Since Golf Observer isn't linking to the local media's preview stories, I will.]

[Update 2 (9:50 am): But of course there's nothing like going to the source, in this case the pre-tournament interviews at with Seon Hwa Lee, Michelle Wie, Paula Creamer, and Stacy Lewis.]

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