Sunday, September 13, 2009

NW Arkansas Championship Sunday: Dunn Making a Run

With defending champion Seon Hwa Lee having no chance to win the NW Arkansas Championship today (she's -1 on the day and for the tournament with only 8 holes left to play, tied or behind 44 players) and Ai Miyazato still not able to get anything going (she's -1 today and -3 overall with 7 to go), my rooting interests have shifted over to Moira Dunn. She's made 5 birdies and 1 bogey in her 1st 12 holes and has jumped into a tie for 11th at -5 for the tournament. If she can make a few more birdies in her closing holes on the front, she can really put some pressure on the leaders, particularly if the weather turns ugly. Let's see what happens!

[Update 1 (1:01 pm): Ah, the air got too thin for Moira up there at the top of the leaderboard. She's bogeyed 2 of her last 3 holes and failed to bogey the par 5 in between them. She's T18 now and dropping. But Seon Hwa Lee might actually engineer a top 10, after all! She's birdied 4 of her 1st holes on the front and is -4 overall with 2 left to play.]

[Update 2 (7:30 pm): Wow, even playing so-so by their standards for the week as a whole, Ai-sama and the Stone Buddha still nabbed top 10s! But a walkoff bogey dropped Moira to T21. That weak finish probably cost her $20K. Ouch!]

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